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API Topic Sites

www.api-virtuallibrary.com. API has built quite a bank of information to assist producers in producing and marketing their cattle, organizing their businesses, participating in the American Angus and state Angus associations, and making the most of their Association membership. But while the information may be available at your fingertips online, sometimes it's not easy to know where to point those fingers. This site is intended to provide the hub for access to many of these resources.

www.feedingandfeedstuffs.info. The annual cost to feed the herd these days can be mind-boggling. Increasing pasture rents, competition for feedstuffs and increasing input costs certainly complicate efforts to control the feed bill. We introduced the Feeding & Feedstuffs site to provide a portal to information available online to help cattlemen maximize pasture utilization and optimize feeding of harvested forages and supplements to efficiently meet the nutritional needs of your herd. This site compiles articles published in the Angus Journal, the Angus Beef Bulletin and other industry sources on both traditional and alternative feedstuffs, as well as those on general feeding management. The Resources page provides links to additional web-based resources, while the newsroom provides the latest news releases from academia and industry. Use the keyword search to search this site.

www.beefcowefficiency.com. Beef cow efficiency is perhaps the greatest single factor affecting your profitability as a beef producer. This site is intended to serve as a gateway to information you might find useful in improving the efficiency of your ranch.

www.countryoforiginlabeling.info offers information about the controversial issue of country-of-origin labeling. Links to other COOL resources, updated news information and a series of published articles pertaining to the labeling law, which became law Sept. 30, 2008, are provided.

www.cowbcs.infoserves as a leading resource for cattle producers interested in using body condition scores (BCS) to improve their herd's nutrition and efficiency. The site explains the importance of body condition scores and how to use the numeric scoring system, and teaches cattlemen to evaluate cows in the field to estimate body energy reserves. Detailed photographs, additional resources and video clips are provided.

www.angusjournal.com/drought provides a resource for producers across the country who are affected by drought. This comprehensive site was developed as a service to breeders to provide a one-stop site for information on how to deal with drought.

www.angusinternational.info — This web site is intended to be a platform for global information sharing within the Angus family worldwide. This site provides links to international Angus associations, marketing groups abroad, media coverage and information about Angus herds and events in other countries.

Other API Meeting Sites

www.appliedreprostrategies.com provides online coverage of Applied Reproductive Strategies in Beef Cattle symposiums hosted by the Beef Reproduction Task Force. The purpose of the program is twofold — (1) to improve the understanding of the physiological processes of the estrous cycle, the procedures available to synchronize estrus and ovulation, and the proper application of these systems and (2) to improve the understanding of methods to assess male fertility and how it affects the success of artificial insemination programs.

www.4cattlemen.com provides online coverage of the Cattle Industry Annual Convention and Trade Show. Special attention is devoted to the Cattlemen's College, Issues Forums and other sessions with production management information that can be applied at the ranch level.


www.BIFconference.com provides online coverage of the Beef Improvement Federation (BIF) annual meeting. Topics discussed at the conference are displayed online through symposium papers, newsroom articles and other informational postings. Listen to audios of presentations and view archives from previous conferences.


www.rangebeefcow.com provides online coverage of the Range Beef Cow Symposium. This biennial symposium is sponsored by the Cooperative Extension Service and animal science departments of South Dakota State University, Colorado State University, the University of Wyoming and the University of Nebraska. It has a reputation of being an excellent educational program, offering practical production management information. Go to the "Newsroom" page for synopses, and link to video of the presentations from the home page.


www.nationalangusconference.com provides online coverage of the 2008 National Angus Conference and Tour, which was headquartered in Oklahoma City, Okla. Visit the site for summaries and supporting materials of presentations, as will as photo galleries from the conference and tour.

General API Web Sites

www.angusjournal.com is the official web site of the American Angus Association's award-winning publication, the Angus Journal. Features allow you to search past issues, browse online sale books and read the most current editorial content.


www.angusbeefbulletin.com is dedicated to the Association's publication specifically for commercial producers, the Angus Beef Bulletin. Launching this winter is an electronic supplement to the printed version of the publication. Sign up for the Angus Beef Bulletin Extra on the Bulletin homepage or e-mail us your request.


www.api-creativemedia.com— API's Creative Media Department is a full-service communications team devoted to helping cattlemen and private companies more effectively market their products and services. Visit the web site to learn more about the department's product offerings, including marketing communications, photography, video, writing, event coverage, custom publishing and historical preservation.


www.angusproductions.com — This is the flagship site for API. It provides a description of API's departments and services and lists staff contacts.


www.anguselist.com — The Angus e-List is a compilation of Angus industry news, information about "hot topics" in the beef industry, and updates about upcoming shows, sales and events. Sign up to receive daily news feeds from API.

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